Welcome to my new site.  I've created this site so I could better capture the process of creating my A10C cockpit and to better support Helios.  Please read more for more details about the move and why.

Open Source Helios

Source code for Helios is now available for people to look at and start working on extensions, mods and updates. You can find the code on github (https://github.com/Gadroc/helios). I would ask that we try and keep it centralized. Fork the repository and setup a pull request for your changes. I'd rather not see a bunch of distributions. Consider the master tree beta for 1.5 of helios. No new features but a few bug fixes and cleaned out all DRM and consolidated all the modules a little cleaner.

Forums Taken Down

Over the last few days the site has come under very intense spam. Over two days amassing tens of thousands of spam forum topics. Unfortunately during cleanup the forum database became un-recoverable. Due to my time constraints I am taking the forums down. If anyone wants to moderate / host user forum for Helios let me know.

CNC Router

While I have access to a nice 4x8 foot shopbot at the Idea Foundry, it's always a pain to have to schedule time and drive there. After doing some analysis I realized I could cut 99% of the parts I need for cockpits in a 2x4 foot envelope. Fortunately I have enough room in the garage for such a size machine without kicking my wifes car out of the garage. My ideal machine was a 2x4 pro kit from cncrouterparts. Unfortunately the budget doesn't accept the 5k I'd need to stand up that machine right now. While I was contemplating this move a timely e-mail came out announcing the shapeoko 2. It fixed most of my issues with the original so I took the plunge. I ordered a mechanical kit and enough material to extend it to a 24x47 inch cutting area. I splurged on the electronics for it as I wanted to run Mach3 and have drivers that I could carry over to a heavier machine if I wanted to upgrade later.

Rough Start to the Year

Well the first couple month of this year have been a whirlwind. We've had good (two week vacation at Disney World)... and bad (two deaths in the family). As such I've not had as much time for the pit or Helios development. I have got a good start on the gauge / control designer utility which will be a part of Helios 2.0, but I do have a two week international business trip which will delay me getting restarted working on it. I hope to be back in full swing mid march on the pit and Helios again. Until then you'll continue to see delays in forum and e-mail responses.

EOS Boards

I'm looking to minimize the number of custom PCBs I'll need. In that effort I put together a list of all the panels and how many inputs/outputs each needs. Which you can find here. With that done it looks like I found a sweet spot for a "panel board".

Here is the design criteria for the primary panel board.