Open Source Helios

Source code for Helios is now available for people to look at and start working on extensions, mods and updates. You can find the code on github ( I would ask that we try and keep it centralized. Fork the repository and setup a pull request for your changes. I'd rather not see a bunch of distributions. Consider the master tree beta for 1.5 of helios. No new features but a few bug fixes and cleaned out all DRM and consolidated all the modules a little cleaner. There is still a decent amount of cruft.

I am working on a new website and thinking through how I would like to co-ordinate a roadmap for features / design changes. I have about 5 different source trees where I've started rewriting different sections of the code.

A few of the main lines of work that need to be done:
1) Revisit the configuration and plugin management systems. These could be cleaned up and streamlined a bit. Plug-ins should have an initialization routine and central interface to create things, instead of each control and interface being annotated. This is necessary for a few beta things I have around spurning saitek IPS modules.
2) Create a Helios rendering API instead of residing straight on top of WPF.
3) Implement rendering API on top of DirectDraw or Direct3D
4) Implement remote rendering into rendering API (to support remote screens like iOS, Android and Raspberry Pi rendering clients)
5) Create a gauge composer to allow anyone to create the graphics to create new gauges with out coding


Well,,, I'm no coder at all, but I for one appreciate what you have done, allow others to access and modify, especially which DCS changes etc,,,, you are a true hero to the community,, thank you for all you have done for us Simmers!

Good morning everybody,

I have download the source of HELIOS and add an interface for a mod of AlphaJet (by the Jetesons).
But this source don't look like the last version of HELIOS I have installed (for instance, it's not possible to make a "zoom" on the screen).

Is It possible to have the last source (don't worry, it's for my own usage, very very private) -:)

Thank's for all


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    because of the particularity and complexity of women's body structure, women are more likely to be sick and hurt than men, especially breasts. The small sections that we ignore on weekdays,belk clothing, such as underwear, unscientific exercise, even casual, eating and careless, may cause our breasts to be tired and cause the breast. Cancer, so how do we defend our breasts and prevent breast cancer in our daily life?
    6 bad habits make the breasts hurt
    1, drinking too much coffee
    we all know that caffeinated drinks can keep people awake and sober. But one of the latest discoveries by Swedish scientists has attracted a lot of attention, because they point out that their breasts will be smaller if they drink more than three cups of coffee a day. The researchers found that half of the women contained a special gene, because the gene shrinks when they take caffeine. To protect your breasts, you can try tea instead of coffee if you like to refresh yourself with coffee.
    2, do not eat oil
    breast size depends on the number of breast tissue and fat. Therefore, a moderate increase in the fat content of the chest is the most natural, reasonable and healthy way to improve Feng Ting's degree. Do not unilaterally pursue slender body shape, but blindly diet and picky food, eat vegetarian dishes instead of meat and other meat dishes. It is necessary to know that a proper intake of fish, meat and bean products can increase a small amount of fat, which is an essential material basis for keeping the breast full, the skin's tenderness, and the complexion of the skin. Otherwise, functional malnutrition, fat deficiency, make the breast gradually atrophy, skin wrinkle, pale complexion, lose youth charm.
    3, no meat In addition to eating fat properly,
    also supplements the collagen to promote the good,revolve clothing mall, elastic, and rough of the breast, which is one of the main conditions for the breasts to be bodybuilding. Foods rich in collagen include pork skins (including pigs, chickens, ducks, goose skins), pig hoof, cattle hoof, tendons, chicken and duck claw, chicken wings and soft shelled turtle. In addition, the formation of collagen is closely related to vitamin C and protein, so it is necessary to eat more vitamin C - rich foods for bodybuilding,revolve clothing, such as oranges, carrots and protein - rich foods such as eggs and beans.
    4, too much for dessert
    wants to shape perfect breasts, and avoid excessive sweets. Eating high carbohydrates over a long period of time increases insulin levels in the blood (insulin helps breast cancer cells).
    5, drinking too much The
    study found that women who drank one to two cups a day had a 10% increase in breast cancer rates than women who did not drink,Nordstrom Rack Outlet, while women who drank more than 3 cups a day had a 30% higher breast cancer rate. The incidence rate is only related to alcohol intake. It has nothing to do with the type of wine. Whether it is red wine beer or liquor, it will cause harm to the health of women's breast. Scientists believe that although they can not fully understand why excessive alcohol can lead to;

    has a movie that compares the female nipples to the eyes of the breasts. Although it is a little unreasonable, its existence also affects the health of women at all times. Do you know enough about your "eyes"? This time I want to tell you a few secrets about nipples!
    is the pruritus of the nipple normal
    sitting on the office, or walking on the road,Nordstrom Rack Outlet, suddenly feel that the nipple is itching, and is super itching,revolve clothing, people can not help trying to reach the kind of scratching in the underwear! Usually nipple is not a good phenomenon, which may cause this phenomenon in addition to the underwear material to make you allergic, dry skin, the serious situation is also likely to be a precursor of breast cancer, papilla's pije's disease.
    remember, if your nipples are often scratching, don't think it's a normal phenomenon. Check to see if your underwear is not clean, or you're wearing the underwear that doesn't fit you. If you exclude underwear problems, itching is still very serious, then go to the hospital to check it better. Why does
    have hair on the nipple
    many people have thin hair around their nipples, not only boys but also girls. The hair around the nipple is caused by the hormone (puberty, pregnancy, medication), which is a normal phenomenon. But if the hair around your nipple is suddenly proliferated, it is likely to be caused by polycystic ovarian syndrome, a hypothyroidism type of disease, and it is suggested to go to the doctor quickly.
    generally, if you do not really like the hair around the nipple, it can be compared to the normal hair removal procedure, use the hair removal knife, only avoid hair cream and other chemical hair removal agents, so as not to stimulate the delicate skin near the nipple. Why is the nipple erection
    is excited
    although not all women do this, and women who produce this phenomenon do not have an erection every time they are sexually stimulated, but the stimulation of the nipple does play a very important part in sexual life. The physiological cause of this phenomenon is that our areola is surrounded by a muscle tissue called smooth muscle. When stimulated, the smooth muscle tissue will shrink and cause the erection of the nipple. Some women can even get orgasms by stimulating the nipple. This is because the female brain interprets the nipple and genital stimulation in the same way.
    why does a nipple erect without sexual stimulation?
    interesting, smooth muscle tissue actually do not know the difference between caress and clothing friction. That's why the nipple will stand up for nothing.
    why is there an erection phenomenon when is cold,Designer Clothing?
    the ancient human body covered the hair. When cold, the muscles around the nipples began to operate,belk clothing, and the hair stood to keep the cold. Now there is no hair in the human body. The same mechanism is still working, causing the erection of the nipple. What is the phenomenon of
    milk secretion?

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    has been found because of the use of the SkyDrive accessories free jump to download the commercial version of V5.1    the plug-in caused,Nordstrom Rack Outlet, but not find why it will affect!

    If I read the topic after reading the post with the article mode,Designer Clothing, I showed the content of the first floor. In the reply content,revolve clothing, the reply was repeated. I estimated that the page template has a problem. I don't know if it is, which is the position of the page template?

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    default templates also show wrong

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    Discuz X3,david jones online store.4 upload pictures and accessories only once at a time,revolve clothing mall???
    is too inconvenient

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      [reader letter]
      honorable financier, you are good:
      now introduce my family's basic information as follows. I would like to ask financial planners to give me a better pension plan. Thank you!
      Mr. Shen, 49 years old, retired from the state-owned units in 2004. After several years of recuperation, his health is gradually recovering. The withdrawal fund is 600 yuan per month. Now it is engaged in technical consultation and on-site management for some weak current projects,bcbg maxazria mall, with an annual income of 30 thousand ~10 yuan. Ms.
      , 43, has a monthly income of 6500 yuan and a year-end bonus of 20 thousand yuan. The two husband and wife did not purchase other commercial insurance except "three risks and one gold". No children.
      families have regular deposits of 250 thousand yuan (1 ~3 years), and current accounts are usually around 10 thousand yuan.
      existing housing two sets, a set of self occupied (100 square meters), in East Second Ring; a rental, near one product, the rent is 1100 yuan per month. There is no mortgage (when the apartment can be sold as a pension fund when retiring).
      families spend an average of 3000 yuan per month (including living expenses, water and electricity charges, communication fees,Designer Cheap Fashion Clothing, transportation costs,wholesale clothing outlet sale, installation fees, etc.), and 2000 yuan per month.
      is now engaged in project management and consulting work because of two couples. It plans to retire at the age of 60, and hopes to have a travel fund at the time of retirement (estimated at $500 thousand).
      [industrial and Commercial Bank of China Financial Planner Su Bo]
      Subo, industrial and Commercial Bank of the Bank of the Bank of the VIP financial manager, the international financial manager (CFP) holder, the Chinese financial and financial teacher competition (2012) excellent financial managers, good at investment planning, comprehensive financial planning.
      family status and financial diagnosis
      1., from the point of view of family security, Shen family only buys three guarantees for social security. Mr. Shen retired in advance because of physical reasons, and the risk and accident losses should be reduced to a minimum through risk management and insurance planning.
      2. from the analysis of the status of family assets, Mr. Shen's asset allocation is relatively simple,Nike, the income of regular deposit is too low, and the relatively high liquidity with relatively high liquidity can not resist inflation.
      3. from the family revenue and expenditure structure, Mr. Shen's family expenditure is relatively small, the family savings rate is very high, but the choice of saving way too backward, can not improve the return on savings.
      financial goals and product configuration
      1. liquidity planning
      the liquidity of the family assets is not strong, the reserve fund is insufficient. Generally speaking, the expenditure of 3~6 months is used as an emergency reserve. So, according to Mr. Shen's family condition, we arrange 16000 yuan.
      2. retirement planning

      [financial case] ,wholesale clothing outlet saleMs.
      week 30 years old, although the child is 3 years old, but the body is very good, people are very beautiful, like to travel,columbia jacket, friends in the circle are called her "hot mother". MS Zhou is a primary school English teacher. Although her job is easy, her income is low, and her monthly income is around 4000 yuan. Husband 32 years old, monthly income of 8000 yuan, two units have to pay medical insurance, pension insurance and provident fund. Existing deposits 150 thousand, there is a value of about 2 million of the house, the monthly mortgage loan is 3900 yuan, the family monthly living expenses 5000 yuan. There is a Volkswagen at home, and my husband goes to work every day. Ms. Zhou was also far away from home, so she planned to buy a car that belonged to her, and consulted the Reed financial manager of jiaxon how to achieve his goals quickly.
      [financial goals]
      bought a car of about 200 thousand this year.
      [case analysis] According to the family financial situation of Ms. Zhou, the
      Reed financial division, Ms. Zhou and her husband had a total income of 12000 yuan, but the monthly housing loan of 3900 yuan and the family living expenses of 4000 yuan a month were only 3100 yuan per month, relatively few. In addition,wholesale clothing, the family financial assets allocation is relatively simple, mainly deposit, the income is a bit low, it is suggested that the family carry on the diversified investment, get more income, help raise the car money; and in the family commercial insurance (rest assured insurance) configuration is almost zero, once the accident,Cheap Clothing & Shoes, the family has a greater impact.
      [financial advice]
      for mama Zhou wanted to buy a car of about 200 thousand this year, the Reed financial division of jiaxon analyzed the monthly surplus of 3100 yuan, 37200 yuan in 1 years, 150 thousand yuan for the family, more than 180000 and no other income, so the money of buying a car at the end of the year was not enough. And give the following financial plan, for reference only:
      , first of all, is 3100 yuan per month for Ms. Zhou's home. Money managers recommend investing in monetary fund, which can be used as a family reserve fund. In 1 years, it can gain about 4% of the income. The investment is 3100 yuan a month, and the end of the year's principal and income are about 40000 yuan, which is much higher than that of the survival period.
      next 150 thousand yuan deposit, deposit bank income is low, it is not cost-effective. The Reed financial manager of jiaxon suggested that some low risk investment can be carried out. Money will help to raise money for the purchase of the car and propose a diversified investment strategy, such as 50 thousand yuan to buy bank financial products, the annual rate of return is about 5%, and the income of 1 years is 2500 yuan, and 100 thousand yuan to purchase fixed income products, the annual rate of return is 10%, 1 The annual income is 10000 yuan, so that by the end of the year, 12500 yuan can be obtained through investment.
      through the above diversified investment plan, Ms. Fei, by the end of the year, will earn about 210000 yuan in principal and earnings, basically buying a 200 thousand left.

      What did you say? You seem to say, 'do you want to cut my tongue? Only girls do not have this. ' Right? But now you kowtow to me, and I ask you, "do you have such a girl?" The bartender was in a big way. It started all because of his own ability to say the wrong word. It was extremely angry and wanted to go ahead and hit her hard. But the other two tables were sitting with a burly man, and she was all the way and timid. "Do you drink?" The bartender wrath: "old... Lao Tzu does not... " When I think of calling names, I'm afraid I'm going to ask her again. I'm surprised and angry. I run to the inner hall and never come out again. The shopkeeper and others all talked about it and glared at him,david jones online store, returning to a bartender to greet their guests. The bartender saw the scene at the right time. He was scared and frightened. He did not dare to say a word. Xiao Feng was very angry. "The bartender just said a joke, and you managed to get rid of him for life. After that, he could not speak clearly anymore. At a young age, it's a bad way to act. " Only listen to purple Road: "bartender,belk clothing, send this bowl of wine to the Lord Taiwan to drink." Say to the man of the lion's nose. The bartender saw her reaching out to the wine bowl and was shocked. She was even more frightened when she heard that she had sent the wine to the guests. The purple smile says: "ah, yes, you refuse to bring the wine to the guest,Designer Clothing, be sure to want to drink." That's OK. Let's drink it. " The bartender was so scared that he looked so pale that he hurriedly said,Nordstrom Rack Outlet, "no, no, no one." The little man doesn't drink. " Ah purple Road: "then you can take it." The bartender, "yes,"

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      I have always looked at love very easily, and I have always taken an active attitude. As long as there is love to be the foundation, even the quarrel is happy, because it is a manifestation of love, otherwise he will not quarrel with a small thing and a common friend; as long as there is love to be the basis for even eating steamed bun and salted vegetables are happy, Because it is hard to test your love with your lover; it is happy to have a foundation of love and work late and hard,Buy Wholesale Clothing, because there is a person doing a table that you want to eat at home and waiting for you; as long as there is love to be the basis for a business trip, long time is also happy,Discount Clothing, because one person is looking forward to you. It is safe to go home early; it is happy to have a foundation of love, even if it is wronged in the outside, because there is a shoulder to depend on; as long as there is love to do the foundation even in the wind, it is also happy, because one person can hold an umbrella for you and warm your feet with the warm chest. As long as there is love to be the foundation. Of course, everything is based on love. If you think of a quarrel, a bitterness, a late home, a business trip, a grievance, a rain and rain, you don't love it. Maybe you are wrong, not love you and a common friend. The simple person of love will not live very tired. If you regard love as a very complicated matter, you will live very tired. Love is a message when I want you, an umbrella in the wind and rain,Designer Womens Fashion Brands, a greeting when you wake up, a good night before a dream; love is a kind of pay that does not ask for return, and seventy percent love her,hugo boss discount, she will get one hundred and seventy percent love. In fact, love is so simple!

      Internal situation. Zhong Wanchou said with a smile, "what good can be done when a lonely man is naked in a dark room? Ha ha, ha ha, everyone see! " Zhong Wan, in the sound of laughter, saw only a young man in his head, naked on his upper body, with a pair of shorts and two thighs. It was Duan Yu, holding a woman in his hands. The woman shrank in his arms, wearing only a close fitting dress, revealing the white, pink skin of his arms, legs and vest. The Baoding emperor was ashamed of his face. Duan Zhengchun lowered his head and did not dare to lift it. With tears in his eyes, he murmured, "evil, evil!" Gaosheng removed the robe and put it on Duan Yu. Ma Wu De is eager to please the Duan brothers and is busy with Duan Yu's body. The God of the South China Sea crocodile cried, "son of a bitch, get out!" Zhong Wan Chou laughed and was very proud. Suddenly, the laughter stopped,diesel jeans clearance, and suddenly he cried out in a loud voice: "how are you,Wholesale Clothing Shop, Ling er?" The group Hao hears his cries, all without exception, the heart is in an air, but sees ten thousand enemies to attack Duan Yu, the hand holds the hand to seize the woman who holds in his hand. At this time the people have already seen the face of the woman, but see her younger than Mu Wanqing, the figure is more delicate, the face does not take off the childish state,Nike, where is Mu Wanqing? But Zhong Ling, the daughter of the vengeance of Zhong Wan. When the group went to the valley, Zhong Wan Qiu took his wife and daughter to the hall to see the guests, showing the beautiful and lovely women in his family. When Duan Yu was lost,Fashion & Designer Clothing, he saw many people in front of him. He recognized his uncle and his parents. He was busy leaving his hands and letting go of the bell. Let Zhong Wanchou take it.

      A HTML template for love
      from ancient times to the present, love is an eternal topic. Just like Liang Shanbo and Zhu Yingtai,All sale store outlet, life can not be together, and death must be accompanied by butterfly. From this perspective, yearning for true love is the desire and demand of human emotion. Perhaps a real love can be regarded as a complete life. Otherwise, life will be a crippled regret. Love requires a lot of inclusiveness, dedication and patience. It needs constant creation. And love is not equal to the promise of life, just like at first sight is not equal to the old life together, and the blazing love will also have a cool day, often the cooling love will still retaliate the previous blazing. Old lovers love their whole life, and the process of turning love into hate makes them miserable. Such examples are everywhere. They do not understand that love is a matter of interaction between two sides. If one of them does not love, then the love will end. Dragging and refusing is not only futile, but also adds endless troubles to oneself. Some people also regard love as a possession. If they can't love or love themselves,Buy Wholesale Clothing, they make use of love in the name of love to make a lot of heinous and bloody things and hurt innocence unreasonably. It can be seen that incorrect love view can cause unhealthy psychology and great harm to feelings. In everyday life, the love of a person you completely do not love, love is a heavy shackle,asics shoes, like a magic palm, and have to escape the love like escaping the captivity. Conversely, to love someone who does not love you is like suicide. Like playing pearls before swine, you are exhausted, but the other side is deaf. Love is varied. There is no reference to compare. Love for someone is not worth anything to others. Love and not love, only the parties... The love of both sides is clear. Love is like shoes, is it only for me to know? And some love has to experience the experience to know if it is suitable for yourself, like a pair of shoes, looks beautiful, but not very comfortable at first,Buy Wholesale Clothing, only after a long time of grinding to recognize it. Love is sometimes blind, love is love, can not give reasons, there should be no reason to describe. Sometimes, a pair of lovers who feel very bad match can feel incredible when watching them fall in love. What do you have in fact? They love their freedom, it is their own affairs, other people can only observe and appreciate, but can not be evaluated, the right to evaluation is only both sides of love, the only right of arbitration is time. Time can prove the depth and breadth of love. Love often makes people feel helpless. It takes a lot of factors to manage a long-term love. It can also be said that this is the external condition of love. In addition to the same or complementary nature of two people, there must be plenty of time and energy to cultivate, care, manage and create. Love is associated with people's circumstances. In the hardships of life, love tends to be stable and even to the end. It's not that they know love very much. They just don't have time to think about it. Many things are more important than love.

      The general treatment was instigled by rales,diesel jeans outlet sale, cold words, infuricable from the heart, the backhand wanted to blow out, but when the arm was fretting, he was immediately restrained. Immediately, he seized his hand,bcbg maxazria mall, picked up A Zi, ran out of the drugstore, and heard Wang Tongzhi still in a cold smile: "this man is really confused, holding a dead man to run away, it seems that he himself also lives soon!" The doctor did not know that he had really stepped into the "fate" shortly after his life. If Xiao Feng was angry,wholesale clothing outlet shop, he would have ten Wang Tongzhi. Xiaofeng went out to the drugstore and thought, "it is better to go and take a chance when the old mountain ginseng is born in the bitter cold area of Changbai Mountain. As long as we can make A Zi stay in the world for more than a day, ah Zhu will be more relieved in the spirit of heaven,Cheap Adidas Shoes Outlet, and will praise my kindness to her sister. Now turn to the right and take the road to the East and the north. When he met a drugstore on the way, he went in to buy ginseng, then the gold and silver were used up, and the honest and unpoliteness broke into the store. After taking a lot of ginseng, he occasionally opens her eyes and softly calls, "sister!" When she falls asleep at night, if a few hours do not keep her breath, she can breathe on her own. So gradually cold gradually, Xiaofeng finally embraced ah Zi and came to Changbai Mountain. Although Changbai Mountain produces a lot of ginseng, if it is not known to the elderly and the elderly, it will not be able to find one. Xiaofeng kept moving north, and the pedestrians gradually became thinner on the road. Later, they were filled with forest and grass.

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            How can we learn from martial arts as a world? The "bottom of the sleeve" and the bottom of the sleeve are much more elegant. The sleeves seem to be a cover up for fighting strength, so that the enemy can not see the way of boxing and attack him by surprise. He is not aware of his sleeves, but also has a very strong move and strength. If the enemy is absorbed in dismantling the fist of his sleeve,Designer Clothing, he will turn the guest for the main, and the diameter of the sleeve is wounded by the sleeve force. Joe peak saw him attack, two broad sleeves before the wind and the wind, such as the two smooth sail, the power is small, aloud: "the sleeves in the world,revolve clothing mall, it is sure!" Call him and beat him to his sleeve. The hard sleeve force is wide blooming,Nordstrom Rack Outlet, but the palm of his hand is concentrated and coagulating,revolve clothing, only hearing and SOFF, two strands of strength, suddenly there are dozens of butterflies flying up and down in the hall. It was a surprise that a lot of gray butterflies were all the hard sleeves of the sleeves. He turned to him and saw him with a pair of arms, showing two long arms of thin bone. How could the sleeves of the robe be held up by the original two people? The time was torn to pieces. In this way, there is no sleeves in the mystery, and there is no "universe" in the sleeves. When he was furious, his face was so blue that he had only such a hand that he broke his famous stunt. Today, his face was too big, his arms went straight down, and he attacked him. Everyone knows everything, that is the "Tai Zhu Long Quan" widely circulated on rivers and lakes. Song Taizu and Zhao Kuangyin hit the great song dynasty with a pair of fist and a stick. From the emperor of the emperor, without the God of the emperor of the Song Dynasty

            HTML template time is like water, never say a word
            year, is a song of no word, those heart to mind, those gentle feelings, the river of time, engraved with the years traces of our past, in the aftertaste of fragrance, is a tree flower sweet, fragrance of life of the journey and journey. The first time is to see the sunshine in the early spring, with the fragrance and the beauty. For a long time, I did not write down my heart. Instead of writing, I ran around in the hustle and bustle of the world. In the twinkling of an eye, the cold winter has passed,Designer Shoes, and the windows are bright, and the heart is warm with the seasons. Always like the spring, like the young sprout of the early spring; like the flourishing grass of the grass; like the blue sky with the big white clouds; like the bright spring sun, perhaps because I am not a beautiful woman, it is particularly eager for the warmth of the sun and love. Sitting at the window, watching the sunlight shining on the lily flower through the window lattice, as if there is a wisp of fragrance passing through the heart. Such a warm and quiet day always reminds me of Lin Whei-yin's sentence: "you are love, warmth, hope,revolve clothing, you are the world's April day!" I think of you with a bright smile. Meeting you, then met warm, I am drunk in your words, charming in your world. I like to read the way you read poetry. I like to listen to your songs. Let's go to see peach blossoms. You say, you like to see the petals fall on my long hair. Perhaps some things are too persistent and will not have the result, often think that the flower of the tree is amazed, like a grand meeting, the enchanting of the flowering trees,Nordstrom Rack Outlet, and the melancholy of the falling flowers with the water. Everything in the world is full of ups and downs, and the prosperous season of spring will come and go. You and my edge, is the northern country's snowflakes fall into the south of the wrong phase, is the spring flower and autumn leaves, love a word, but contains thousands of words, perhaps we have not read, looking at your distant back, think of that sentence: "time quiet, with the monarch; water and the gentleman, and Jun Lao, and the prosperity, and Jun Lao," Heart, the pain of birth. On the platform of the years, there will always be people coming and going, wondering: who will you spend the spring with this spring? Because you, let me in a flower time, witnessed the whole spring, thank you, in the most beautiful time has met you. [two] when time passes, time passes by in the rush of life. It is really like Zhu Ziqing wrote in a hurry, too hastily! Inadvertently, time is walking in the sunlight in front of the window, passing in the rush of sunrise and sunset, and vanishing in the expectation of a thousand turns. In his leisure time, he likes to read quietly. The novel, "ah, youth", is deeply moved by the plot of the snow little Zen. Those people who carry their knapsack to see the sea, spend a whole night for a movie, fly into a piece of music, crazily infatuated with a person, read novels in class with textbooks, ride on a bike and eat ice cream days,belk clothing, like watching a flower bloom.

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            In the middle of the city, the first to see the mother. When she saw her beloved daughter, her mother woke up most of the time, and at the same time added a mouths to ask questions. "No one is noisy," she cried. "Who can hear this mess?" As soon as the people listened, they all settled down. Xie cigarette guest sneered in his nostrils, but he stopped talking. Shi replied, "you first answer me, who won the match between you and grandpa?" The snow mountain faction all looked at the stone sky,Designer Shoes, all worried. White and arrogant and violent,All sale store outlet, although they are very dissatisfied, but if he really lost to this young man,wholesale clothing outlet shop, snow mountain faction sweeping the floor,Juicy Couture, but also make everyone face. Only listen to the stone breaking way: "naturally, grandpa has won. How can I match grandpa?" Grandpa said he was going to teach me some hard work. He hit me seventy or eighty times and kicked me twenty or thirty feet. I could not touch him with one blow. Bai Wanjian waited for a long sigh of relief. An oblique eye of a mother - in law

            It is not easy for two people to win the battle. Fortunately, the crane pen Weng seriously injured, the move is inevitable. Zhao Min palm lightly hit three,Cheap Adidas Shoes Outlet, the hall is dazzling, three people attack Yang Xiao, four people attack Wei Yi laugh, and two people sent troops to cut Zhou Zhi Ruo. Yang Xiao immediately grabbed a sword,asics shoes, wielding sword like electricity, and stabbed a man with his backhand. Wei Yi smiled, with his highest skill,diesel jeans outlet sale, and knocked down two people with Xuan Yin Mian palm. But the number of enemies is too large, and every time a person is knocked down, there are more than two people. Zhang Wuji was entangled with the mysterious old man,6pm designer clothes, who had never been able to help each other. He and Yang Wei two people want to retire all the time, but it is not difficult to save Zhou Zhiruo, but he can not do anything. He is anxious, and suddenly listens to Zhao Min and says, "let's stop!" The four words were not loud, but all of her men followed them together and jumped at once. Yang Xiao threw the sword in the ground. Wei Yi smiled, holding a single knife grabbed from the enemy's hand. He waved it back to the owner and laughed. Zhang Wuji saw a Hanzi

            Do you stop? " Rui Wei smiled bitterly and said, "there is no obstruction. I have been practicing all the time. There is no obstruction in the whole article." Gao Mo Jing does not channel: "is not possible?" When I was a kid, I was in a lot of trouble when I was practicing. You didn't stop practicing until you practiced. Rui Wei Xi laughed repeatedly: "yes,belk clothing, I was trained,Designer Shoes, but unfortunately the effect is too small, and do not practice two." Gao Mo is quite different: "four,david jones online store, according to the divine power, it is divided into twelve parts. Have you practiced all these twelve steps?" Rui Wei said, "if you don't believe me, I'll show you." Drop the baby on the side,Nordstrom Rack Outlet, sit down and sit down from the first paragraph. Four Shin Gong Zhao Gong three paragraph, return

            Yu Peiyu could hardly wait to dig out his beads. The tall man folded his waist and looked at fish and said,Nordstrom Rack Outlet, "who are you?" What do you do? " The voice of his voice is sharp and thin, and when he speaks,revolve clothing mall, his waist is still twisting and twisting. If it is not Hu Zhazi on his face,revolve clothing, he is a man and a woman. The fish coughed two times, and said,Designer Shoes, "in the South China Sea Fish Xuan, especially to the rich eight Ye birthday." The tall man smiled lightly and said, "Oh, it was the big fish door. Did you bring the gift of the big door?" Fish Xuan way: "the gift is ready, please inform your family." A tall man's eyes

            "You have seen all kinds of torture in the black prison. If there is an accident in the castle,columbia clothing, then you and I have to taste the taste of all kinds of torture,Discount Designer Clothing, and then a dead word, old three, are you going to rest?" The old man trembled and said,Tommy Hilfiger Clothing, "second brother, Is this true? " The "second elder brother" way: "when did our family fight a lie?" Another gruff voice came in: "the second brother is not bluffing. Do you not see that Du Keming of the silver shirt team was put into the black prison by the castle owner?" The "second brother" lightly coughed and said,Designer Bekleidung, "old four, you only know one thing, but do not know the other. Du Keming is actually offended.

            Up. "A woman dressed by a singer is standing in front of the old man and his side. The singer is beautiful like a fairy, but his face is covered with a layer of bitterness and sadness. The singer saw the old man wake up and said,asics shoesoutlet, "why not? How did the old man fall into the heart of the lake?" "The old husband did not answer,new balance outlet store online, but only a small lie in the mouth:" I, I am walking by the lake,Cheap Clothing & Shoes, inadvertently fall in the lake, is a man old, is a girl to save the old? " The singer slowly said, "the scene is not the case. The old man ran down the lake,Juicy Couture, followed by a caravan, and then he only listened.

            Style,Damenmode & Damenschuhe, under the circumstances of the enemy's own widowed,designer apparel outlet sale, the enemy of three martial arts is knocked down, the point in the place of their cave,Wholesale Adidas Shoes, the height of the martial arts, the curiosity of the style, the recognition of the point, in all is appalling! The big haired chef, "No. thirty-six", took a big drink, stepped back three steps, and reached into his arms. "Seven" fluttering with two arms,bcbg maxazria outlet shop, the mouth drank in a big way: "the dots are agglutinating, and the sparrows are geese." At this moment, he suddenly drink out the eight words of this peculiar and unambiguous meaning. He has fallen on the ground at the moment.