Helios is an advanced glass cockpit and cockpit integration package which connects your simulation cockpit to your simulation. Helios can help you make your custom panel come alive with functioning indicators and switches. Helios can also turn your touch screen into a fully functional glass cockpit. You've never experienced this level of immersion before in a flight simulation! Once you've flown with a Helios setup you'll never want to fly with out it!

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WYSIWYG Drag & Drop Panel Designer

Creating aircraft virtual control panels is a snap using the Helios built in drag and drop editor. Drag controls, lines, text and then re-size and align them for the perfect looking, aesthetically pleasing panel. You can even import your own graphics for the perfect switch or that worn panel look. Once you have the perfect switch you can save it as a template for future use.

Aircraft Gauges & Images

Helios can render over forty different aircraft gauges from A-10C Warthog, F-16 Viper and KA-50 Black Shark. Helios also includes over x cockpit images, custom controls and decorations for the A-10C and F-16.

Touch Screen Controls

Helios includes eight unique control types all with a complete set of customizable options. You can place rockers, rotary switches, all styles of toggles switches, potentiometers, rotary encoders, 8-way hat switches, push buttons, toggle buttons, indicators and push button indicators on your panels that work just like the real cockpits. Helios includes templates and stock images for over sixty different controls.

Physical Cockpit Interfaces

Helios can also interface with your replica physical cockpit. Helios supports out of the box any DirectX compatibly controller. Just add the controller to your profile as an Interface and then bind it to the simulations or keyboard events just like your virtual touch screen controls. Helios also supports the Phidgets 1031 Advanced LED controller to wire up your caution panels and back lighting.

Deep Simulation Integration

Making you cockpit interactive has never been easier. Just drag the event triggers and actions to link up your indicator lamps and switches - this prevents any need from manually setting your panels when you enter a simulator - they already will match the on screen, in game cockpit! Helios exports hundreds of values and actions for several popular simulators (DCS Lock-On Flaming Cliffs 2, DCS Black Shark, DCS A-10C, Falcon Allied Forces, Open Falcon).

LUA Scripting

When out of the box integrations are not enough Helios allows you to extend the integrations using complex custom logic using the LUA scripting language.