Helios - Build 1.3.190

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Helios official EOS build. This build adds EOS V2 full support and correct detecting of DCS World directories.

1.3 Release - Build 190

  • Attempt to fix always on top with DCS World 1.2.4

1.3 Release - Build 189

  • Added "Autopilot - On Indicator" to BMS interface
  • Fixed Phidgets Servo to properly configure and save servo type
  • Update to EOS Bus v2
  • Updated Phidgets.dlls
  • Added Servo, Stepper and LED Output support to EOS bus
  • Updated to properly detect DCS World 1.2.4
  • Removed last references to SCSimulations (Install folder, Start menu folders)
  • Removed last of license management code
  • Fixed phidgets.dll in installer
  • Fixed input calibaration save/load when output values are in reverse order
  • Fixed setup for phidgets servo's using userdefined settings

Important Note
If you are a lucky user of one of my CMSP panels, please send me message for instructions on updating your CMSP panel to EOS v2.



Looking forward to testing this out, thanks Gadroc.

I thought I saw somewhere you mentioned this, but is the landing gear light in BMS on your list?

FalconNW MachV, 40" Sony LCD, 22" Planar Touchscreen, TM Warthog, RS FSSB R3 & TUSBA, Saitek Combat Pedals, Obutto R3volution

Hi gadrock,
Your use panels CMSP. Please send me instructions for updating.
One more request. Does not appear to me, UHF Repeter, CMSC, CMSP, RWR, DigitalClock, but MFD yes. Your scripts are installed in the path: Program Files \ Eagle Dynamics \ DCS World \ Mods \ aircraft \ A-10C \ Cockpit to the appropriate directory AN_ALR96V, CMSC, CMSP, DigitalClock. Sripts the date 04.08.2011. Is it installed correctly? Otherwise, everything works perfectly. Thank you very much.

Config: Helios ver.1.3.190, Windows Home Premium 7 64bit, Asus Extreme IV, Gforce 690, 3xDell 1920x1200, 1x Dell 1920x1080 touch, 8GB RAM, Water, Profil:Gadrock A10C - Single Monitor,

The scripts are old and don't work anymore. I am in the process of updating them. Currently I have the RWR and Digital clock working as well as the MFD's. Shoot me an email to ozdeadmeat at gmail.com and ill send you the files I have working so far.

Great work for your job gadrock
btw does it need to remove the old version of helios or just install it anyway?

and I have a question for you,
my monitor is a bit small to fit into all of your a10c profile which makes MFD pages look too small
so I was trying to erase two MFD bezels from your pofile and tried to make invisible OSB buttons
making me possible to enlarge MFD screens and placed those OSB buttons
on top of the places where it will eventually cover acronyms (TAD TGP DSMS etc...)
But the attempt failed due to its behavior that everytime I erase Images of normal and pushed images
from my OSB buttons leaving those invisible and at the same time, unclickable.

Id like to create a button which is clickable at the same time invisible.
Is there any ways to materialize it??

Its amazing

Thank you !
Thank you !
Thank you !
Thank you !
Thank you !
Thank you !

Its amazing GADROC !!!


Does this version work with .NET 4.5? I am having problems starting exe and looking back through forums this seems to be an issue.

It should. On my development machine I have 4.5 installed and the download package from this page installs and runs fine.

Hi funkster. Did you solve the problem with .NET Framework?? I've tried to install Helios in my new computer and it does not work due to the same issue.

Thanks G. I found it was a conflict with Radeon Pro. FYI I needed to exit RP and then start Helios then restart RP.

I heard that this software is not bad. Try

i don not know what mean

After a clean install,
1. Profile editor won't start without any alarm message.
2. Control center can start, but turn into stopped working after any further operation.
I notice that, there have no "Helios.license" file in "\My document\Helious folder as described in manual.
Is it the reason why?
thank you in advanced.


still gives me trouble. (In BMS) I would like to have SELECTABLE charts available in a hidden layer. The way I would like to have a selection is by using a secondary layer "below" the first one in order to have a choice (i.e. KUNSAN, then (!!) "Layout" or "Dep" or "Arr"). Obviously I need to un-toggle the first layer in between selections. This gives me sort of a loop in toggle and untoggle the previous layers and there seems to be an issue... -
Anyone has a practical solution ?? Thanks

why the action Value doesn't work?
I can't enter an action in this field...

Hi there Gadrock,

I downloaded your Helios Build 1.3.190 zip file as I would like to extract the ICP (and other switches) in Falcon BMS to my new touch screen monitor (which I evidently bought soley to use your amazing program) . However when I run the HeliosSetup-Stable_1.2.190.msi installation file, the setup fails and I receive this message:

"This application requires DirectX components. Please run the Microsoft DirectX End-User Runtime Web Installer then run this installer again."

I tried doing this, however as I have DirectX 11, I am told that I am already running the latest version and no update is necessary. Do you have any ideas as to what may be causing this issue, and if there are any work arounds so I could install your software?

My system spec are the following:
ASUS Notebook G73jh
i7 q720 @ 1.6GHzx
ATI Mobility Radeon HD 5870 1GB
Windows 7 64bit
22" ViewSonic Multi touch LCD Touchscreen
32" Samsung LED LCD Smart TV

Any help would be greatly appreciated!!!

Thank you in advance


hi,may i know ,when will the helios update to support DCS 1.5 or DCS 2.0 ?thanks .

Did you plan to add F/A-18C, panels, switches, buttons, etc for the upcoming DCS F/A-18C?



Hey all, I have been all over the interwebs trying to find a solution for this. Helios seems to have a big prob with the fact that I no longer have my Desktop, Documents, Saved Games, etc on my C drive. I moved them to my F drive to save space. 'F:\Bryan_Storage\Saved Games\DCS\Scripts' I created a Scripts folder and copied the Export.lua here but that didn't work. I Tried the same In 'D:\Games\Steam\steamapps\common\DCSWorld\Mods\aircraft\A-10C\Scripts' and 'C:\Users\NAME\Scripts'. The only way I can think of to get this to work would be to put the Saved Games folder back into my C drive. What do you all think? Any other solution out there?

Hi - I registered so I could download Helios A10 touch screen. Where do I go to download program?

Hello, I am new to this and have just installed DCS world and A-10C. I understand that old Helios profiles of A-10C cockpit for second(or more) monitors are not compatible with DCS world. Is there a compatible file that I can download? Your help will be greatly appreciated.

After more than a decade, I am taking up Falcon BMS again, hoping to add DCS as well.
I have a Thrustmaster and Throttle HOTAS and CH Pro pedals, all still functional. A brand new X-55 Rhino HOTAS (Never seriously used). TrackIR fully functional.
A new Windows 10 PC with 32 GBytes of memory fully dedicated to simulation games, in preparation for my imminent retirement.
Interested to know as to the current status of Helios

Hi Gadroc:
Hope this finds you and yours in good spirits and health. Also hope you are still offering your advice on your fantastic creation. I've been running HELIOS for the past couple of years or so with no issues. Even though I upgraded to Win 10 Pro about a year ago, HELIOS was still humming along. However, a few days ago I got the Windows pop-up - "HELIOS Control Center has stopped working". I've tried everything, including trying to change my Windows DEP settings to allow a HELIOS exception. Also uninstalled and re-installed. No joy. Note that I was using it with BMS 4.33. Have you got a fix for this issue? I love my HELIOS and am lost without it. Thanks in advance for your assistance.
Mike (mikemadmax)

I've downloaded this but the installer won't run because it says I need .NET Frameworks 2.0 Client Profile? I've already got Framework 4.5, and Client Profile 4.0 so why is this causing an issue? Thanks


Hi there,

I have installed this for the first time and am trying to apply |Capt Zeen F18 profile. I have never used Helios before and after watching a few videos I have transferred the profile to the Helios folder but when I try to open the profile Helios closes. I am unsure on how to setup gauge extraction also.

Any help appreciated.

hey there. everytime i try to load it i get the error

(direct x issue, end-runtime msG ) CAN U HELP OR AM I DOING IT WRONG? TY ICEMAN2647


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