DCS Configuration

This page will list all of the various configuration and tweaks I have applied to my DCS installation to get it working well with my setup.

Triple + Helios Monitor Configuration

I'm currently running three 46" LCD TVs for my external visuals. In addition to these displays I have several touch screens which I run Helios on to control the simulation. In order to achieve this I use SoftTH which allows me to do partial displays on my touch screen to enable things like CDU on my extra displays. I am not using Eyefinity display groups as they don't seem to be adding anything above plain SoftTH, but I will probably do more experimenting later.

TODO: Insert Display Layout from Windows

SoftTH Config

DCS View Distance Tweak

Tweak Min/Max FOV

Zooming all the way in on the 46" screens is a bit extreme. I've raised the minimum FOV to have a more acceptable display when fully zoomed.

Line 134 of the Config/View/View.lua file as follows

CameraViewAngleLimits[A_10C]   = {110.0, 140.0} -- CameraViewAngleLimits[A_10A]

I've also set the default FOV to be 140 degrees to account for my displays. This seems unnecessary in DCS World as it was moving out to that already with the wide aspect ratio, but it shouldn't hurt.

Line 1060 of the Config/View/SnapViewsDefault.lua file as follows

Snap[11][13]["viewAngle"] = 140

View Port Configuration for Helios / MFDs

View Distance

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